Bullion Analysis, Inc. is a consulting services engineering firm which uses our proprietary technology to perform assay verification services on your precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium). Generally, we provide our services on a time and materials basis and we are able to come to your secure storage location in the U.S. and Canada to conduct our work in a safe, controlled environment.
Our technicians utilize our digital deep scanning devices to conduct a non-destructive, non-invasive series of procedures to certify that your investments are sound and mark etable, and we will then produce signed, holographic tamper-resistant certificiates for each bullion item scanned, containing that item's serial number and hallmark. This assures your future buyers of the soundness of your precious metals, and will add value and peace of mind in times of increasing uncertainty and economic chaos.

To schedule a consultation please call our U.S. office at 215-805-7357 or email us at info@bullionanalysis.com